November 30, 2005
A new kind of mail call:
Military families can now create and send talking photo keepsakes, with their own voices, to their loved ones overseas using technology from Voice Express Corp. and dotPhoto.

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Fifty Cents from each purchase to go to the United States Wounded Soldiers Foundation

Westport, CT (November 30, 2005) — Now, the best part of a servicemember’s day just got better. For the first time, family and friends on the home front can go online, upload a photo, and then use their telephone to add their voices to it, making a physical, one-of-a-kind keepsake that gets automatically shipped to any APO or FPO address.

This unique greeting card program, called “Wishes from Homeā„¢,” marks the first time a personal voice message can be added to a photograph — from any computer, anywhere in the world, and then shipped — all done seamlessly in one visit to a single website.

Patented technology from Voice Express Corp. lets families record a personal message through the phone, and add it to a digital photo that they’ve uploaded to The recipient receives a printed greeting card with that photo, which includes a play button to push to hear the message. The card with the voice chip can be kept in a pack or pocket, or hung on a wall with its attached tab. The message can be replayed about 400 times, and replacing the battery doesn’t erase the message.

Stars and Stripes, the daily newspaper published exclusively for the military, will have a “Wishes from Home” link at ( that will take people to a special landing page on . Those purchasing through the Stars and Stripes site will receive a special discount. President and CEO of Voice-Express, Geoffrey Stern suggests, “Like the introduction of talking movies vs. silent films, talking photos open a new world of expression. The addition of sound adds an emotional immediacy never before available with photographs.”

Mail call has never sounded like this
Most soldiers will say that the greatest moment in camp is mail call, when they receive something special they can hold in their hands and keep close. “Wishes from Home” creates just that, uniting voice and photograph in a simple way.

Here’s how it works — with a simple process that takes place at one site:

  • Mom takes a digital photo of the kids
  • She goes to and clicks on “Wishes from Home”
  • She chooses a card design and uploads the photo, with a short message to be printed on the card
  • She and the kids call a toll-free number provided on the site to record their message. They can re-record as many times as they want
  • When the message is done, she hangs up and completes the transaction
  • Dad in camp receives the photo card that includes a play button to press to hear his kids’ voices

Photos that talk from
Voice Express and dotPhoto

Contact: Andrew Barer, Voice-Express
203.221.7799, ext.5;

Ground-breaking combination
This simple, one-stop-shop method of marrying picture with sound as a physical gift item has never before been available. Stern states, “People have always shared sentiments with photos, saving them for posterity. It’s only natural to combine an image with the voice, which is the most direct way of expressing oneself. Our partnership with dotPhoto allows customers to preserve a moment in time, with sound and image.”

Holiday deadline
For guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas, orders must be received by December 11, 2005. The cost for a talking greeting card will be $7.99, plus $3.85 for U.S. Priority Mail shipping to any APO or FPO address. Special pricing for Stripes Club members will be $6.99 plus shipping. “Wishes from Home” is starting this Christmas and will become a year-round program. In addition, $1 from the sale of each card will be donated to the U.S. Wounded Soldiers Foundation.

About Voice Express Corp.
Founded in 1997, Voice Express designs, produces and markets a variety of innovative sound-enhanced products and services. With them, consumers and brand marketers can create and send products that deliver a self-playing personal voice message. Voice Express is a leader in developing unique solutions for enhancing traditional products like gift cards, sales collateral, promotional advertising and image keepsakes. For more information, visit

About dotPhoto, Inc.
dotPhoto is the most comprehensive Internet provider for photo printing and image/sound archiving services. They were the first website to accept both image and sound files from digital cameras, and the only site where sound clips can be added to current and archived digital photos. dotPhoto’s technology can also support businesses by creating multi-media presentations, enhancing existing presentations and providing digital imaging archiving services. Visit for more information.

About Stars and Stripes
A daily newspaper published for the U.S. military, DoD civilians, contractors and their families, Stars and Stripes has published continuously in Europe since 1942. Stars and Stripes operates as a First Amendment newspaper, free of control and censorship. The daily paper contains all the elements of the hometown paper left behind by service members, from news and sports to coupons, comics and crossword puzzles. For more information, visit .

About the United States Wounded Soldiers Foundation
Teresa Goforth began flying Military Troop Transports in March 2003 and with layover time in Germany, she inquired into the needs of the wounded at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. Wounded soldiers arrive at this hospital sometimes with very little other than the clothes on their back. The U.S. Wounded Soldiers Foundation provides the personal items these men and woman need to be comfortable during their rehabilitation in Germany. The foundation also supports The Fisher House located next to the hospital, which provides lodging for the families of critically wounded patients while visiting their loved ones, and for the wounded while receiving outpatient care. The US Wounded Soldier Foundation was formed by Teresa Goforth, and is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization.