March 12, 2002
Newly Patented Application for voice chip enables talking products and appliances that share messages.

Peer-To-Peer System Enables Toys, Photo Frames, Alarm Clocks and Marketing Promotions To Transfer, Receive and Play Personalized Voice Messages.

Tuckahoe, NY, March 12, 2002 – Voice Express Corporation, a privately held technology enabler and the provider of V o i c e-PackagingTM solutions, today announced the grant by the USPTO of a patent that will dramatically increase the market for products that deliver a personal voice message.

The Company has previously developed a patented online-offline messaging system, which simplifies the recording and ordering of self-playing voice messaging products over the phone or the Internet. Using the Company’s application, consumer and business customers are able to send a voice-card along with a gift or product sample without leaving their home or office. Voice enabled products such as customized plush toys, talking photo frames or packages combine the personal voice of the sender with a memorable object or product marking a special event, celebrating a holiday or launching a new product or service.

“With our new patent, users will be able to update previously delivered talking products with new messages and comments,” said Geoffrey Stern, President of Voice-Express, “Just as Internet users enjoy sharing Instant Messages, now a grandmother and grandchild, from afar, will be able to exchange voice messages stored on a photo frame or a teddy bear on a regular and timely basis. We envision this technology creating a host of voice enabled appliances such as clocks which deliver a personal wake-up call or a family message board where family members can record and hear messages from other family members whether they live across the hall or across the country.”

US Patent 6,356,626 (POINT TO POINT VOICE MESSAGE PROCESSOR, METHOD AND RECORDING PLAYBACK DEVICE) also enables retail, kiosk and flower shop customers to select a recordable gift and record a message directly into the store sample in-hand. Once the purchase is complete the customer’s message is retrieved off of the sales sample and transferred to an identical product at a location near the intended recipient. This new patent along with the Company’s previous patents will permit same-day-delivery of voice-personalized products purchased at any retail venue whether it be on the web, over the phone, catalog, kiosk or in-store.

The Company has already signed a long-term purchasing agreement and granted a license to sell voice personalized plush toys to Build-A-Bear Workshop and plans to offer similar deals for retailers and premier brands in markets such as image sharing, floral and gift, incentive rewards and continuity and loyalty marketing, medical compliance and other applications where the exchange of goods and services are enhanced and the perceived value of the offer increased with the addition of a personalized voice message.

About Voice-Express

Voice Express Corp. is a technology enabler dedicated to advancing its patented next-generation messaging engine for traditional and e-commerce. The Company provides a total solution for delivering voice-chip enabled messaging. The Company’s V o i c e-packagingTM solutions personalize the exchange of goods and services and build brand loyalty and affinity and are appropriate for gift-giving, image sharing, product sampling, relationship marketing, compliance and sales support and other online-offline promotions and incentive rewards whose perceived value and impact is increased by the voice of the sender.