September 16, 2003
Voice Express Corp. and LJ Talk LLC Sign a Patent License and Collaboration Agreement Covering Recordable Pictures and Remote Record Playback and Messaging Products

Tuckahoe, NY, September 16th, 2003 – Voice Express Corporation announced today that it has signed a License and Collaboration Agreement with LJ Talk LLC which will increase the Intellectual Property base available to the Company and its licensees in the Recordable Picture and Remote Record Messaging product markets and further enhance Voice Express as the leader in this field.

Voice Express and LJ Talk have independently developed technologies and been issued patents which permit the creation of consumer and promotional products which record and replay a personal voice message at the touch of a button. Using these technologies gift-givers and photo enthusiasts, whether at a retail store, on the phone or online, can purchase a gift, keepsake or image display product which will capture and play back their personal voice message to the delight of friends and family and for years to come. Premier Gift Companies such as Build-A-Bear Workshop® and Lillian Vernon are using this technology to further enhance their brand and personalize their customer’s retail experience. Digital photographers and users of cell phones equipped with a digital camera can describe their image or capture the ambient sounds at the moment they snap a picture and wirelessly transfer both into a talking frame, postcard or novelty item such as a talking mouse pad or photo message pillow.

The patents have filing dates going back to 1991 and disclose technology for voice recording that is found in products such as talking frames, gift and floral cards and memory-making products.

According to Alan Loudermilk, President of LJ Talk; “Voice Express represented a perfect partner for LJ Talk since both companies had been issued patents and developed voice chip related technologies which complemented each other. Together our IP will provide one-stop shopping for any vendor wishing to allow their customers to express themselves in the personal, immediate and emotional manner that only self-playing voice will deliver.”

Voice Express Corp. is based in Tuckahoe, New York and designs and manufactures a variety of innovative messaging products that enable consumers and brands to create and send products that deliver a self-playing personal voice message. The Company’s patents include US Patents: 5,425,078 5,490,206 5,570,414 and 6,356,626.

LJ Talk LLC is based in Chicago, Illinois and Cupertino, California and develops and licenses intellectual property relating to products that record personal messages and/or display images. LJ Talk has the following US Patents: 6,393,402 6,393,401 6,381,573 6,377,926 6,263,310 6,185,851 5,956,682 5,504,836