The best online configurators for audio-in-print are from Voice Express®, the leader in interactive voice-enabled technologies. With audio-in-print, you can reach your audience through a combination of sight, touch, and sound. When an audio brochure or audio card is opened, your message plays through a built-in speaker or headphones that are plugged into an audio jack. Integral pushbuttons let listeners choose what they want to hear while providing access to information that’s reinforced through words and images. This multi-media approach leverages the power of voice for printed A6 brochures and 5” x  5” gift cards.

The VoiceLP™ A6 Audio Brochure from Voice Express

Marketers that are familiar with print-on-demand and custom or short-run digital printing already know something about online product configurators. What’s different about the best ones, however, is their inclusion of voice technology. For example, the VoiceLP™ audio brochure from Voice Express® lets brands program and distribute audio content in a custom-printed A6 brochure (4-1/8” x 5-7-8”). Along with compelling text and attractive graphics, your voice brochure can include audible content that informs, engages, and delights. Moreover, you can tailor your message to the recipient’s interests.

Brands can order the VoiceLP™ A6 audio brochure by using the on-line configurator on the Voice Express website. Choose matte or glossy for the finish, and choose a memory size of 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 hours. Enter the quantity, add the order to your cart, and upload your custom graphics and audio tracks. You can review the unit pricing and change the order quantity if you’d like. Finally, proceed to the checkout and apply a coupon if you have one. Applications range from local real estate listings to audio detailing, an alternative marketing technique that’s used by the pharmaceutical industry.

VoiceLP™ 5” x 5” Audio Card Now Available on Amazon Custom

Amazon businesses and bulk purchasers that want to customize, personalize, or configure the perfect product can now purchase VoiceLP™ audio cards through Amazon Custom. Like the VoiceLP™ audio brochure, this 5” x 5” digital card lets you record and playback sound through a built-in speaker or by plugging headphones into an audio jack. There are also integral pushbuttons for ease of navigation. The VoiceLP™ digital card can store and playback two hours of content. Applications include podcast recordings and archived sales presentations.

When you purchase this audio card through Amazon Custom, the online configurator there prompts you to upload graphics for the front and back cover as well as the inside left and inside right portion of the card. Select a glossy or matte finish and order a pack of 50, 100, or 250 audio cards. When it’s time to add sound, upload your file-sharing link from Google Drive, Dropbox, or another on-line service. Finally, finish your order and apply any Amazon discounts that you may have.

The Best Online Configurators for the Best Audio-in-Print Products

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