January 30, 2002
Build-A-Bear WorkshopTM Offers Build-A-SoundTM to Web Site Guests, Adds Voice Messages to Bears

January 30, 2002 (Newstream) — Build-A-Bear WorkshopTM offers even more personalization for its web site customers by announcing the launch of its record your own Build-A-SoundTM option for their bears. The newly patented system, which is exclusive to Build-A-Bear Workshop, offers website customers the option to record their own personalized voice message over a phone line and without leaving the web site. The purchaser’s voice is stored onto a miniature recorder, which is placed directly into the customer’s new stuffed animal. Although available in Build-A-Bear Workshop for nearly two years, the company wanted to perfect the technology for online use. Build-A-Sound is available for the same price online as it is in store, just $8.

According to Build-A-Bear Workshop Chief Executive Bear Maxine Clark, “Adding this feature is another way for us to make the guest experience on our web site as personal and creative as the Workshop experience. We safely tuck the small recorder into the bear…a perfect way to say ‘I love you’ or to record a unique message such as ‘Will you marry me?,’ ‘You got the job!,’ or ‘Congrats on your promotion,’ just to mention a few. We are very excited to launch this just before Valentine’s Day when so many people want to share a special message of love through a stuffed animal. The record-your-own feature has been available in our stores for almost two years and has been very popular from the beginning. We are very happy to be able to provide this option at the same affordable price for the first time to our web site guests.”

The Build-A-SoundTM online voice feature combines the familiarity of a traditional telephone with the convenience of e-commerce and is powered by Voice-Express, an emerging leader in voice-chip messaging technology. Voice Express also provides solutions for gift-giving, image sharing, relationship marketing and other V o i c e-packagingTM applications. Voice Express is an APEX Voice Communications value-added reseller and offers hosting services and dedicated servers using the Omnivox® Intelligent Call Processor platform to licensees such as Build-A-Bear Workshop.

About Voice-Express

Voice Express Corp. is a technology enabler dedicated to advancing its patented next-generation messaging engine for e-commerce. The company provides a total solution for delivering voice-chip enabled messaging. Voice Express Messaging personalizes e-commerce and is appropriate for gift-giving, image sharing, product sampling, relationship marketing and sales support and other online-offline promotions and incentive rewards whose perceived value and impact is increased by the voice of the sender. Voice Express is also an APEX value-added reseller. For further information, visit www.voiceexpress.com.

About APEX

APEX Voice Communications is a leading manufacturer of enhanced service and billing solutions for network service providers worldwide. APEX offers solutions for enhanced switching, intelligent call routing, network IVR, service creation, call processing, unified messaging, wireless e-mail, prepaid calling and usage-based billing. For more information, visit www.apexvoice.com.

About Build-A-Bear Workshop

Build-A-Bear Workshop is an interactive, entertainment retailer that invites guests to create their own customized stuffed animals. The company currently operates 72 stores in 30 states coast-to-coast and plans to have 100 locations by the end of 2002. The National Retail Federation (NRF) named Build-A-Bear Workshop the 2001 Retail Innovator of the Year. Build-A-Bear Workshop has also been named the Best Company to work for by Internet Week Magazine. The premier store opened in the Saint Louis Galleria in October 1997. For more information, call 888-560-BEAR or visit the company’s award-winning web site at www.buildabear.com.