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Case Studies

Intel’s Sonic Logo Incorporated In Packaging

Product packaging and first impressions are important. For brands like Intel who offer products that are often invisible to the end user, captivating the attention and forming a good impression at points of interaction is especially important. Intel contacted us and asked if we could help them develop a package for a new product that would deliver their iconic "bong" sound. We were thrilled at the idea, instantly recognizing the inherent potential to add tremendous "first-impression" value to their marketing and branding efforts.

Build-A-Bear Universal Sound Module

Voice Express was asked by its long time partner; Build-A-Bear Workshop®, to develop a digitally programmed Universal Sound (UM) module. In conjunction with the development of a Digital HearMe Sound Station, the UM brings numerous business benefits by reducing the number of SKUs to be maintained, reducing time to market for new sounds and improving […]

Self-Playing Video Cards

How The Project Began Since 2005, Voice Express has been providing printed brochures and mailers that play audio for health care providers. Our audio mailers enjoyed 18-31% Response Rates and up to 92% Positive Sponsor & Brand Recall. With those kind of metrics, our clients in Pharma, Financial Services and […]

Build-A-Bear Workshop

In 1999, Build-A-Bear Workshop had 7 stores, a website and a dream of providing consumers worldwide with an entertaining and interactive experience that would change the way customized toys and gifts are made. Chief Executive Bear Maxine Clark contacted Voice Express wishing to create a voice recorder accessory for her […]

Audio Sampling for Allegro Media Group

We were approached by Somerset Group LTD, a subsidiary of Allegro Media Group, the largest provider of specialty music sold through nontraditional retailers.  Mood asked us to provide a low-cost solution to replace their permanent interactive displays the company was currently using in retail environments. Larger retailers had asked to […]