February 7, 2001
Voice Express uses Winbond’s chipcorder to deliver real talking flowers and gifts

Valentine Presents That Deliver Sentiments in Your Own Voice

San Jose, CA, February 7, 2001 – Winbond Electronics Corporation America (WECA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Winbond Electronics Corporation and a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced that its award-winning line of ChipCorderTM solutions are powering one of the latest trends in e-commerce, personalized voice messaging via the Internet. Winbond’s ISD1400 and ISD1100 series ChipCorder solutions are providing the high quality, single-chip solutions for consumers to record personalized voice messages into real flowers, gifts and cards.

Utilized by Voice-Express, the chips have been integrated into Voice-Express’s on-line solution that enables consumers to record a voice message from any web page using a PC microphone or a standard telephone. When a consumer selects an item for on-line purchasing, the buyer can easily record a voice message that is temporarily stored on Voice Express Internet Servers and then downloaded inside a greeting card or other ChipCorder-enabled gift at the delivery point. The voice-personalized gift is physically delivered directly to the recipient. Internet sites, including www.talkingflowers.com, www.flowerclub.com, and www.snapfish.com, are already utilizing the Voice Express solution.

“Winbond’s award winning ChipCorder product line has once again proven its versatility by providing customers with high quality, voice messaging solutions, this time for Internet e-commerce,” said Tom Sullivan, Sr. Vice President, Sales, Winbond Electronics Corporation America. “Internet commerce has dramatically changed the buying habits of millions of consumers. But what has not changed, despite astounding advancements in technology, is the need for personalization. And nothing is more humanizing, more personal, than the sound of another person’s voice.”

“We are pleased to feature Winbond’s ChipCorder products as part of our messaging engine solution for e-commerce,” said Geoffrey Stern, president and founder of Voice-Express. “Our messaging engine engages and motivates browsers to become buyers while creating a compelling viral marketing tool which uses the voice of the sender to increase the perceived value of a brand or product offer. Only Winbond’s chips provide the clear, crisp, voice record and playback that discerning consumers demand.”

The Winbond ISD1100 and 1400 series chips feature high-quality, single-chip record/playback solutions for 10 and 20 second messaging applications. The CMOS devices include an on-chip oscillator, microphone preamplifier, automatic gain control, antialiasing filter, smoothing filer and speaker amplifier. The technology is made possible through Winbond’s patented non-volatile multilevel storage technology. Voice and audio signals are stored directly into memory in their natural form, providing the highest possible quality, solid-state voice reproduction.

About Winbond

Winbond Electronics Corporation was founded in 1987 and is based in Hsinchu Science-Based Park, Taiwan. It has since become the largest branded IC company in Taiwan, offering a broad range of PC and peripheral-related ICs, consumer electronics ICs, multimedia ICs, and memory ICs. Winbond is a market leader in the telephone dialer, PC I/O controller, memory, speech synthesizer and MPEG decoder markets. With four wafer fabs currently in operation, the Company utilizes process technologies ranging from 1.0um µm down to 0.175µm. Winbond has more than 4200 employees worldwide, and its design centers located in Hsinchu, Taiwan; Shanghai, China; San Jose, California; Austin, Texas; and Herzilya, Israel. World Wide Web home page: www.winbond.com.

About Voice-Express

Voice Express Corp. is a technology enabler dedicated to advancing its patented next-generation messaging engine for e-commerce. The Company provides a total solution for delivering voice-chip enabled messaging. Voice Express Messaging personalizes e-commerce and is appropriate for gift-giving, image sharing, product sampling, relationship marketing and sales support and other online-offline promotions and incentive rewards whose perceived value and impact is increased by the voice of the sender.

June 13, 2006
Voice Express Corp. launches online service offering talking phone cards

Westport, CT, launched www.TalkingPix.com where consumers can use their digital images to create physical talking photo cards in a few steps.

The patented end-to-end system is fun and easy to use:

  • Users to the site begin by uploading an image and selecting a template for their card.
  • They then drag and drop their image into the template and type a written greeting.
  • Users are then taken to a screen which allows them to record a message up to 10 seconds long. They can record there message either by dialing the toll free number provided, or by using their computer’s microphone.
  • After recording their message (they can re-record as many times as they like), they can immediately see and hear what their finished product will look and sound like – an image of their card appears and clicking on it plays the message they have just recorded.
  • Customers then provide billing and shipping information and complete check out. Their card ships within three business days.
  • The recipient simply presses the “play” button to enjoy image, written message and audio message together. The recorded message will play about 400 times and the batteries can be replaced without losing the message.

“We believe this application has extraordinary potential,” says Geoffrey stern, founder and CEO of Voice-Express. “Think of that photo of a newborn; now add the sound of that baby’s first cries. Or that birthday card for grandma with the photo of her grandchildren; now add the sound of them singing her happy birthday. We have launched www.TalkingPix.com to showcase our technology. Our vision is that other image sharing and image processing sites will recognize the value of talking photos and make this feature available to their customers as well.”

Voice Express Corp. is a technology enabler in the new media space, which designs and manufactures a variety of innovative audio and imaging products and delivery systems that enable consumers and brands to create and send products that deliver a self-playing personal voice message.