Fairfield, CT, November 19, 2017 – Voice Express Corp. introduced Voice Express Connect; the first self-playing print brochure with built-in speech recognition.

Voice Express has been at the forefront of providing self-playing media products in the toy, packaging, display and marketing spaces.  For direct-mail and trade magazine publishers, Voice Express has produced printed audio and video brochures which enabled brands to deliver self-playing audio and video to targeted audiences such as Doctors and Financial advisers.  With Voice Express Connect, such printed cards will not only play media when they are opened but will also “listen” for spoken prompts and play media personalized to the interests and needs of the recipient.

Unlike audio and video cards of the past, the media contained on these brochures is not limited by a finite number of PLAY buttons or mediated by a cumbersome interface using Fast-Forward or Next to navigate. Voice Express Connect can store and play-back a limitless amount of media covering diverse subjects and addressing a multiplicity of interests. The only tool necessary to access relevant content is the user’s own voice.

“Amazon Alexa and Google Home have forever changed user expectations and are found in more and more homes because of the way they engage consumers. Now Voice Express Connect will become the optimal way for brands to engage high-value prospects and re-connect with existing customers.” said Geoffrey Stern, CEO and Founder of Voice Express.  “Speech is the most direct form of communication and the most natural interface.  With Voice Express Connect, brands will be able to deliver their media message and at the same time listen to users and provide information personalized to their interests.”

Voice Express Connect™ is perfect for brands wishing to engage with upper management and other high value prospects that are hard to reach through traditional media, e-mail, social media or text.

For media inquires or to create a Voice Express Connect™ campaign contact info@voice-express.com

Fairfield, CT, November 17, 2017 – Voice Express Corp. is excited to note that the US patent office has published our application for Multimedia Keepsake System and Method.  Filed in 2014, we realized very early on that gift-givers and music lovers now have access to an infinite supply of their own and their friends User Generated Content (UGC) which can be used to create personalized gifts and gift accessories. We call this Voice Gifting™.

Geoffrey Stern, Founder and CEO noted “We were always told that it’s not the gift, it’s the intent that matters. Modern e-commerce and mobile-commerce has made gift-giving so much easier, but now for the first time, gift givers will be able to incorporate the songs they love, the music they’ve created and media content they have shared or “liked” into their gifts to express their true emotions and capture the moment.”

Imagine a Bouquet of flowers, or a box of gourmet chocolates delivered with an electronic keepsake that plays the music of your first dance along with your personal voice dedication! Whether a consumer purchases a gift using their PC, their smartphone or a voice Assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, now all you need is a voice to make your gift uniquely special and meaningful.

According to the patent application,

… modern online social media technology and platforms make it possible for a keepsake giver to easily access content for the multimedia keepsake that has been shared by or collaboratively created with friends or amateur artists wishing to share their creative content. Users of social media platforms post and share high volumes of user generated content (UGC) some of which is simply content such as music, images or video which the user curates or combines in a creative manner.  It is an object of the present invention to provide a multimedia keepsake creation system which offers a keepsake giver the ability to incorporate content from social media platforms and other sources into the content of the keepsake.

As we move forward in turning this concept into a reality we invite prospective shopping platform partners and content providers to collaborate and help us forever change the way gifts and merchandise are exchanged.