And Why VoiceGift Is The Perfect Addition!

Do you have a birthday, anniversary, or other holiday coming up, and you want to give a meaningful gift? Or maybe you want to get a little something for your friend or colleague.

Instead of searching for lists of something to buy, how about using your talent to create something unique? Whether you like to craft, write, dance, sing, or even macrame, there are countless ways to create something for others. In a time when it’s easier to buy gifts than ever, a handmade gift is sure to delight.

The gift of art

For those who love to craft, paint, or do other types of creative art, gift-giving can be easy and inspiring. Creating art is good for stress relief, but it also makes a wonderfully personal gift for family, friends, or couples. Not to mention it is a great way to practice your skill or have an excuse to buy glitter or paint! There are countless ways to turn your art into a gift, whether you like to illustrate, paint, knit, or even quill. Lately, my mom does many quilling art pieces, and they make lovely wall art. Her most recent piece is an aerial view of a Hawaiian beach full of details and vibrant colors that can transport you to your own private paradise. But what could make the gift even better? Is there any way to make it more immersive? One way to excite the senses with this gift is to add a voice message of waves and sea birds or a vivid description of the beach landscape. And you can do so with Voicegift!


By recording a detailed explanation about the beach, the listener can appreciate the art piece more and imagine themselves on the warm sand with crystal waters anytime they are stressed. Every time your friend or loved one press play, they too can be transported into your art and remember just how much thought you put into the gift. By combining your talent with the unique touch of Voicegift, you can bring your craft to life and add personalization!

Edible gifts


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You know what they say; the quickest way to someone’s heart is through the stomach. If you like to make magic in the kitchen, you might have heard of giving pre-made cookie mix in a jar or soup bases as gifts. But now that you’ve made your magic what about the directions to make your delicious gift? Rather than just a simple written note, the cherry on top of your is the Voicegift tag. The Voicegift message allows your friends or loved ones to hear directions, cooking tips, or recipes all from your lovely voice. This way, it feels more personal, almost as if you are cooking with them. That way, next time you want to send someone your revolutionary Cheeto bread, you can remind them to make sure and use your homemade Cheeto butter as well! I’ve used this method during the holidays with my homemade peppermint brownies. Some may say it’s overkill, but I make a peppermint syrup to go with the brownies. These brownies are always a crowd-pleaser, but Voicegift makes it more memorable. With such thought and uniqueness put into your gift, it’s bound to warm their stomachs and hearts. People will remember how great a cook you are, so don’t be surprised if your goodies are in high demand.

The gift of poetry

I love writing poetry, and I often write poems for my family and boyfriend. Poems have been given as gifts for hundreds of years, and for a good reason. There are few things more touching than a poem written just for you. But I know how it can be challenging for my fellow poets to express their full emotions in their work. So when you feel as proud and majestic as the mountains about your latest poem, you should show it off! Whether you are giving your work to a lover or friend, wouldn’t it be lovely if they could hear the poem directly from the poet’s lips? Using Voicegift to record yourself, you can share your emotions straight from the heart to whoever listens.

Another perk of Voicegift is that you can personalize the appearance of the holding card however you want. You could even write part of your poem or draw a picture on the front to help visualize it. As many of us know, writing poetry is only half the fun of it. When we read our poem to others is when it truly comes to life. My boyfriend is Korean, and I am still learning the language, so I try to write my poems in Korean for him. However, I see the most sparkle in his eyes when I read the poem aloud. So I am thrilled I found Voicegift to add to his poems since we spend months apart. Now, even when I can’t be with him, my voice message can always be replayed whenever he wants to hear my voice. Poems are not just for lovers, though, but a great way to remind anyone how much you care about them. As long as you enjoy the process, the one who receives it will feel your intention.

Photo gifts

Another stunning way to gift your creativity to someone important is through photography. Even if you can’t travel and get the landscape shots you desire, you could always make a collage of family or pet photos to decorate and wrap up as a present! Photos of yourself or your family are especially great gifts since COVID-19 has made it hard to see our loved ones. Another creative idea is to recreate old family photos, your parents’ high school yearbook photos, or anything that strikes you as fun. The best part of homemade gifts is the spirit and creativity in making them, after all.

Voice Gift

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To top it all off, you can add the Voicegift message to your photo frame relating to the photo or reminiscing the story of that one crazy family vacation. If it’s a birthday gift and you can’t be there in person, get the whole family to sing the birthday song! (By the Beatles, of course). Gifts like this can be super fun to make because you can get the whole family involved. Whatever image you end up creating or editing, it will become a moment captured in time. And by adding the pizazz of voicegift, your message can always remind others to smile when they see your photos and hear your voice.

The gift of song

One thing I try to remember is to keep a song in my heart. So when you want to give your heart to others, what could be more lovely than a song? Whether you love to sing, play an instrument, or love lullabies, you have endless ways to interpret your talent into a gift idea. I love to write songs for my boyfriend, and I can’t wait to add a voice gift note of me singing part of the song for our next anniversary gift!

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Currently, we are a long-distance couple. So when we feel too far apart, we try to give each other extraordinary gifts. Over time these gifts have gotten more and more personalized. He has always loved to hear me sing, so my music has become his favorite. It’s also a special process for me to use my passion to create something for others and give them joy. This gift idea can also apply to any music lover you know. Do you never wanna give up your best friend? How about gifting them a DIY Rick Astely doll with an added voice message of you reaffirming how you’re never gonna let them down. Whatever you create, and no matter how you express your love of music, voicegift can add the finishing touch. For the most meaningful gift, strap on your creative energy belt and get to it!

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Voice Gift


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It’s a Must-Have For New Moms!

Time is a gift. Lost time is never found. The only constant is time. Why is it that time is always characterized as something we passively receive? Is it because in this fast-paced world it can become so hard to take the time to slow down, enjoy the moment, and just be present?

How many times have you been sitting at a party and because everything looks so beautiful all you want to do is get your phone out and take photos and videos so you remember it all. But, instead of living moments through our cell phones, what if there was another way to capture memories while remaining present?

We often hear the saying, “there is no time like the present” but when our daughter Kennedy was 2 weeks old I wanted to take that saying and shove it out the window, along with my nursing bras, empty used bottles, and a boatload of dirty diapers. Why was this? When I became a new mom (and maybe you or a loved one can relate) my concern wasn’t savoring every precious moment with my baby or husband, it was sleeping, eating, and just downright surviving. But like all things in life, the nights turned into days, the days into weeks, and before we knew it that little needy newborn started to become an independent baby babbling her way to and from daycare.

As a new mom, I’ll admit that at times I struggle to find joy in what can feel like chaos.

Whether it’s a late-night feeding or even a weekend drive to the beach. Little, meaningful moments that we often take for granted but look back on wishing we could revisit. As our daughter started growing up right before my eyes I knew that if I wasn’t careful all of these precious moments would slip away. This is right around the time I discovered VoiceGiftVoiceGift is a small recorder tag that allows you to record up to 60 seconds of sound and replay it as often as you like. The recorder tags also come with individual envelopes that you can write on or decorate with stickers. The tags are designed so that you can tie them onto the outside of a gift or hang them in your house. So why is it so important to reconnect with nostalgic sounds?

There is a powerful connection between sound, emotion, and memory.

For example, neurological studies have found that the sound of rain evokes relaxation and the sound of laughter is identified as a positive feeling. Researchers wanted to find out why this is and the answer was surprising and interesting. The same way that when someone laughs or smiles it is hard not to laugh or smile back helps explain why simply hearing the sound of a familiar voice can quite literally lift our spirits. On top of this, hearing familiar or calming sounds also invokes powerful, visual images that can help transport you back to that time and place where the sounds were first heard. I have found that one of my favorite things about Voicegift is that in-between the never-ending to-do list, conference calls, and diaper changes, it allows me the chance to slow down for one minute and reconnect to different sounds and their associated memories. I was so excited to discover VoiceGift because I felt I found a universal gift that everyone (including myself) would cherish.

Trying out VoiceGift for the first time I wanted to experiment and see what sounds I could capture throughout the weekend.

This particular weekend was very busy. One of our new horses had just arrived and my lifelong friend was having her baby shower. Seeing as this is her first baby, I knew I wanted to surprise her with a VoiceGift and do something special. While at the baby shower when my friend had stepped inside, I ask a group of her friends to each think of something they wanted to tell the baby (around 10-15 seconds each). I then moved the selector switch to “REC”, pressed and held down the button so each person could share their thoughts in the recording, then when we were done just moved the switch back to play.

Voice Gift

Now, I have to admit one person didn’t love the way their voice sounded so we did have to go back once and re-record. After the second take, I slide the card into its envelope and put one of the stickers on it. When my friend opened the envelope, saw the recording tag and clicked the “Play” button her eyes immediately teared up. Since the baby shower she has been playing the VoiceGift message every night to her baby so he can start to get used to his extended family members’ voices.


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With the baby shower being a success, I headed back home to make sure the new horse was settling in well. There is something about the natural outdoor sounds such as the birds chirping, the horses whinnying, pawing the ground, and the wind blowing through the trees that make it hard not to smile. I remembered I had put an extra VoiceGift in my bag and quickly decided to make a recording for my husband who is a businessman and constantly traveling. Unlike the baby shower recording, this one was shorter and didn’t even involve words. Instead, it was the sounds of the horses in the barn and the simplicity of nature. I know my husband enjoys hearing these sounds after a long day of work so I then hid this tag in his suitcase so when he left Monday morning for his business trip he could find a surprise that would make him feel closer to home that evening in his hotel.

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My last stop this Saturday was now to the backyard with my daughter. She had just woken up from an afternoon nap and was full of all the energy that many babies have and all parents’ envy. While she is not yet speaking it is her babbles that take on an ever-changing language of their own. It was time to record another VoiceGift, but this one was for me. While sitting outside I just wanted to record our mother-daughter conversation, even if no one else would understand. In the background, you could hear the dog barking and the occasional car passing by but most importantly I heard my little girl’s voice.

A voice that will soon be speaking words, then sentences, a voice that one day will sing songs and read stories but for that day it was speaking perfect coo’s, chirps, and babble-babbles.

And I know one day when she is talking, maybe about something she is excited or nervous about, I will miss those simple sounds. The sounds of her just playing in my lap. While it can be hard to enjoy those late-night feedings or the sunburnt drive home from the beach, I take comfort in knowing that some of these fleeting moments, during these precious months, are captured and kept as more than just images on a screen. And I can use my VoiceGift recordings on days when she starts to feel so grown up and I just want to remember the simplicity of a baby playing on the grass. So, thank you VoiceGift for literally providing the gift of sound, time, and smiles to those in my family.

Now, if we could just find a way to make it do the dishes…

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VoiceGift® Will Be My Go-To This Mother’s Day!

2020 showed me the value of small gestures.

After moving thousands of miles from my hometown, I found myself craving the sense of community I once had. So I started reaching out more, and through writing letters, making phone calls, and sending cards, I started to understand the value of not only crafting relationships but nurturing them.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

-Maya Angelou

Nothing transports my physical presence, though. Something I know my mom is missing. This is the first year we’ve gone longer than a week without seeing one another.

It will also be the first Mother’s Day I can’t deliver flowers in person.

Even if I had them delivered through a third-party service, they’d wilt and remind her of their temporariness. A phone call doesn’t quite do it either. It’s not playable or replicable; the conversation fades from memory, and neither makes my mom feel closer to me.

For a past Mother’s Day, I gifted her a scrapbook of letters and pictures detailing our life together. I know she can visit them when she needs some encouragement. But I’ve learned that my writing voice doesn’t connect with family the same way as my normal speaking voice.

Voice gift

When I was beginning to feel hopeless about the situation, I discovered Voice-Express. This family-owned and operated company would bridge the 2,000-mile gap between my mom and me and make this Mother’s Day special.


Voice-Express was founded in 1997 by the CEO Geoffrey Stern. He created Voice Express to deliver interactive, high-impact, replayable audio to consumers, brands, and businesses. Voice-Express is the market leader in self-playing media and interactive voice response products; companies like Sony Music, Verizon Wireless, Johnson and Johnson, Build-a-Bear, and Intel use the company to market or enhance their product’s function.

Voice-Express provides an experience and creates a memory. Which is precisely what I was searching for to make this Mother’s Day different.

I found a perfect solution in a Voice-Express product called the VoiceGift. It’s small enough to be a fantastic addition to any gift but large enough to stand on its own. The VoiceGift allows consumers to create a personal 60-second message to anyone. The technology isn’t limited to just your loved ones; you could also create a memo, a reminder for someone house sitting, or even an affirmation to listen to as you start your day. With this product retailing for only 8 dollars, they’ve taken the hassle (and price) out of gifting something meaningful.

For Mother’s Day, I’m creating a poem for my mom with a decorated outer covering. But I’m also going to develop a gift tag for each page of my mother’s scrapbook. My mom can hear me read and feel me with her whenever she wants. With the VoiceGift, I’ll never be too far away.

Creating the Message

We were awash in tiny attentions. Small gestures, words, empathies thought to be extinct came to life… We discovered the color of each other’s eyes.

Jerry Spinelli

I quickly noticed that the beauty of the VoiceGift is in its creation. The process of recording the gift tag and designing the outer cover is fun and exciting, with the vision of your loved one hearing it in the future. I started making my gift by composing a poem for my mom. I wanted the work to represent her tenacity and pure spirit. But to also communicate that I credit her with everything.

She was a single mom who gave her all for me and my siblings to have a good life. For that, there are no words to describe my gratitude, but I can try.

Everything that I am I owe to you.

Thank you for being my mom and my dad too.

Every day is a celebration of your spirit.

Your soul beams through your laugh, and I can almost hear it.

Your work ethic is unmatched.

With grace and humility, always attached.

You are the vitality of every test.

Constantly pushing me to do my best.

You taught me to be strong against what might be looming.

Because trying is better than not.

I listened when you taught.

Mom, for all the times I didn’t let the words go.

For all the times, I was quick to say no.

Know that I love you; I do.

Everything I am I owe to you.

Voice Gift

I believe that the poem does get my message across; however, I know she’ll get a deeper understanding and meaning with my voice and cadence reading it. The voice tag’s addition adds deeper elements that I could never bring about through only the written word.

The Recording Process

I’m notoriously bad with tech. But recording and saving my message with the VoiceGift was easy. The whole process took three steps, pull the battery saver tab, move the selector switch to REC, press the button until you hear the tone, then record your message. To listen to the finished product, simply release the button, and move the selector switch to PLAY and press the button again.

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Decorating the Sleeve

The VoiceGift comes with an array of stickers to decorate the outer sleeve, but the paper itself is acid-free and bleed-proof with the capability to handle crayon, marker, pen-you name it. Thus, I decided to draw on the outer cover directly (with the help of my partner Etta). We agreed on purple for the lettering (my mom’s favorite color) and plants for spring representing Mother’s Day.

I decorated the front with the words, “Listen when you miss me.” I’ve always liked the idea of creating resources for loved ones to visit no matter what happens. I want my mom to have a piece of myself that she can listen to at any moment and as many times as she wants.

Voice Gift

I attached my decorated VoiceGift to a Mother’s Day card that pictured a cozy living room with a cat lounging on the couch. Within the card, I wrote another short letter, reminding my mom of all the reasons I value her in my life. I know this gift will mean more to her than if I had sent her something more expensive but less personal. Every element down to each plant drawn on the cover was hand-selected for my mom. The Voicegift is entirely customizable to fit any need. No two voice tags will look or sound the same, and there is something special about that level of individuality.

Parting Words

If you’re looking to gift something that your mom will never forget, I highly recommend the VoiceGift. The creators at Voice-Express truly value their customer’s experience as well as work hard to create high-quality audio that can be enjoyed for years.

In a period where we’re forced apart, and our time is not guaranteed, it’s more important than ever to reach out and remind those we love that we love them. The VoiceGift allows a timeless way to freeze a message and the emotions tied to it. Gift your mother a memory, create an experience with the VoiceGift.



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Same day delivery and personalized gifts are the perfect couple for Valentine’s Day. Despite their differences in age, same day delivery remains young at heart. In fact, demand for the delivery of products within the same 24 hours keeps growing – and changing. Meanwhile, personalized gifts have their own love story. If you’ve ever received a handmade Valentine’s Day Card, you’ve probably felt the type of connection that brands seek to build upon through emotional marketing.

The Flowering of Same Day Delivery

In many ways, the marriage of same day delivery and personalization began in 1884, when the Society of American Florists (SAF) was born. This led to the 1910 founding of the Florists Telegraph Delivery Association, which is now known as FTD®. As America’s first flowers-by-wire service, FTD enabled customers to send flowers to people in different parts of the country. The sending florist could transmit a written greeting in the customer’s own words using state-of-the-art technology; the telegraph. Fittingly, a wholesale florist with the last name of Valentine was an FTD pioneer.

Over time, the telegraph went the way of the horse and buggy. Yet, FTD continued to grow and change. In 1979, The Mercury Network was born so that member florists could communicate electronically. Less than 20 years later, FTD merged onto what was then known as the “information superhighway” with, a website launched in 1994 that now supports e-commerce. Meanwhile, competitors such as 1-800-Flowers and Teleflora emerged followed by today’s innovators such as Bouqs, which has added farm-direct and transparent sourcing to the delivery chain. Many of the major players in this space sell not only flowers and flower bouquets, but also gifts such as candies and chocolates.

Personalized Gifts and the Power of Voice

The floral industry understood that behind every gift is a message.  Their iconic slogan of “Say it With Flowers” has been repurposed for every gift item under the sun.  Ahead of its time, in 2009 FTD launched the  Say It Your Way Bouquet, which used Voice Express technology and allowed the sender to record a personalized voice message that played at the touch of a button. To record the message, the sender called a toll-free number.

Today, Build a Bear – another Voice Express customer – takes same day delivery and personalized gifting to a new level. The retailer is partnering with Shipt, a last-mile delivery solution, so that its voice enabled teddy bears and other customized products are available for delivery on the same day that they’re built. When a customer builds a personalized stuffed toy through Build-A-Bear’s online Bear Builder configurator, there’s an option for same-day delivery. A Build-A-Bear employee can then package the order at the customer’s local store so that it’s ready for curbside pickup.

BOPIS and VoT: Loving the New Generation

In the age of COVID-19, the Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) model that Build-A-Bear is using is exploding in popularity. The convenience that BOPIS offers, the ease of same day delivery, and the emotional connection of personalized gifting on impulse are all built to outlast the pandemic. By combining BOPIS with the power of voice, brands can further emulate Build-A-Bear’s example. The Voice Express chip inside a personalized stuffed toy contains a special recorded message for a memorable, magical surprise. Now, with the Voice of Things (VoT), brands can fall in love with new possibilities.

Thank you for engaging Voice Express, where we enable brands and consumers to communicate in a direct, unmediated fashion through self-playing media. If you’d like to learn more about voice-enabled technologies, we invite you to read these recent articles.

Emotional marketing is an effective way to promote your Amazon listing, enhance your brand message, and increase sales through your Amazon storefront. By appealing to deeply-held feelings, this marketing technique creates a powerful connection that causes consumers to notice, remember, share, and buy a company’s products. With over 300 million customers in 180 countries, including 195 million unique visitors in the United States alone, selling on Amazon is a tremendous opportunity for all types of brands.

During the holiday shopping season, the combination of gift giving and emotional marketing can be especially profitable. Yet, the value that emotional connection marketing offers is available all year round. Voice Express, the leader in interactive print media, ranks number one on Google for “voice recorders for dolls” thanks to our Amazon storefront. In the spirit of holiday giving, we’d like to share some emotional marketing best practices so that you can optimize your own Amazon listing.

Quilts, Pillows, Plush Toys, and Baby Dolls

When you visit our Amazon store, you’ll notice three products on the left-side of the page. Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. uses the first product, the Voice Express Voice Recorder for Plush, for its talking teddy bears and other stuffed animals. What grabs and holds your attention, however, are the images of quilts, pillows, plush toys, and baby dolls. Maybe you remember grandma’s sewing or a cherished moment with a parent. Images of smiling children also convey warmth and bliss. As you see the applications for our products, it’s the emotions – not the electronics – that engage you. Yet if you want to know more, this video can help.

Picture Frames, Books, and Scrapbooks

Another Voice Express solution, our Voice-Over® Voice Recorder for Frames, can be used to add voice to any ordinary item. Still, there’s nothing unremarkable about the picture frames, books, and scrapbooks shown in our Amazon store. After all, the frames that hold family pictures often contain some of our fondest memories. Scrapbooks, of course, are also deeply personal. Even best-selling books that are mass-produced can be personalized with a voice-recorder accessory. This is shown by a smiling reader with a soft cushion, favorite beverage, and gentle sunlight.

Wine, Gifts, and Flowers

Emotional marketing can also connect a company’s products to life’s memorable experiences. That’s why our VoiceGift® Tag shows wine, gifts, and flowers – items given for birthdays, special days like Mother’s Day, or whenever congratulations are in order. The images in our Amazon store could emphasize product features like acid-free paper. Instead, they evoke celebrations, romance, friendship, and family time. These things stay with us and, thanks to video, tell a story to gift-givers.

Wrapping It Up (Without Ribbons and Bows)

Voice Express wishes you the happiest of holiday seasons and invites you to enjoy our most recent articles about voice-enabled technologies.

If you’re looking for an innovative approach to marketing in the New Year, consider Voice Express Connect™ – the future of direct mail.

What’s Next?

Thank you for engaging Voice Express, where we enable consumers and brands to communicate in a direct and unmediated fashion through self-playing media. Are you looking for a way to provide a high-impact interactive experience? Would you like to engage, inform, and invite multiple impressions while developing lasting affinity? We’re here to help, so contact us to get started.

Gift giving is an enormous opportunity for brands. The size of the gift merchandise market is $1 trillion. Consumers spend $695 billion on winter holiday gifts alone. The market for business gifts is also booming and could reach $125 billion. At a time of year when many consumer products are gifted, brands are searching for a competitive advantage. They want gift recipients to become future buyers. Plus, they want gift givers to feel that they’ve chosen the perfect gift.

The best gifts delight both the giver and the receiver. The brand benefits as well. For existing customers, gifting strengthens brand identification. For prospective customers, gifting leads to brand discovery and, hopefully, future purchases. The giver of a gift becomes a brand ambassador. The recipient of a gift gets what amounts to a free product sample. Emotional marketing can influence the decision to buy a gift. However, it’s emotion-first gifting that drives the optimal gift giving experience.

Emotional Marketing and Emotion-First Gifting

Emotional marketing is a proven technique that encourages people to notice, remember, share, and buy. By appealing to deeply-held feelings, this type of marketing creates an emotional connection that leads to an action. Emotion-first gifting, the giving and receiving of gifts that spark an emotional connection, also elicits a powerful response. These Limbic Sparks™, as Kevin Perlmutter of Limbic Brand Evolution calls them, increase desire, loyalty, and engagement with a brand.

During the age of COVID-19, Perlmutter recently told Voice Express, people are “fatigued by isolation”.  They are also especially hungry for “emotional release”. Emotion-first gifting can meet this need and has deep roots and a bright future. Gift giving may pre-date even barter as the earliest form of commerce. The potlach, a traditional gift-giving feast among the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest, reaffirmed social connections and established a sense of reciprocity. Today, an explosion in on-line shopping makes it easier than ever to send a gift – if the giver leads with the heart.

The Evolution of Personalized Gifting       

Personalized gifting is no longer about buying someone a product with a recipient’s name or initials. Today, on-line companies like SmartGift are discovering and optimizing consumer intent. The giver selects an item such as shirt, the recipient specifies preferences such as style and color, and the giver then pays for the purchase. GiftNow, another pioneering business, lets the giver send a gift notification to a recipient, who can modify or exchange the product before it ships.

Both SmartGift and GiftNow provide welcome alternatives to gift cards that are convenient to give but that may feel impersonal to the recipient.  Yet, there’s more to personalized gifting than offering defined choices within narrower parameters. By applying the principles of emotion-first gifting and learning from a heartfelt case study, brands can meet the needs of givers and receivers while encouraging everyone to feel the Limbic Sparks™ that Kevin Perlmutter seeks to ignite.

Emotion-First Gift Giving Case Study

Build-a-Bear Workshop®, a U.S. retailer that sells customizable teddy bears that are offered with voice-recorded messages, lets consumers record what they want to play-back when a teddy bear “talks”. The company, which uses voice-enabled chips from Voice Express, recently experienced a 299% increase in ecommerce sales at a time when many of its 359 retail locations were shuttered by COVID-19.

When a mother in Ohio wanted to give a present to her son, she took emotion-first gifting to a higher level. The six-year old boy was battling leukemia. The recent loss of his grandfather, Bubba Lou, to COVID-induced complications, left him emotionally devastated. To comfort his spirts, the mother combined some old voice mails from the grandfather and added them to the audio chip inside a Build-a-Bear. She even named the bear Bubba Lou and dressed the stuffed animal in clothes like the grandfather wore.

What’s Next?

As Kevin Perlmutter of Limbic Brand Evolution says, “brands should exist to make people’s lives better.  The most important question for any brand leader is ‘How do you want people to feel?’” If you’re ready to embrace emotional marketing and explore emotion-first giving, ask Voice Express for more information about our voice-enabled technologies. To get started, contact us.

Voice Express Corp.  Our self-playing media lets consumers and brands communicate in a direct and unmediated fashion. We also provide high-impact interactive experiences that engage, inform and invite multiple impressions and lasting affinity.

Limbic Brand Evolution We develop foundational brand strategy, rooted in emotional insights, that activates how a brand comes to life through offerings, messaging, experiences and identity. We have deep experience with large global brands, and very often work with small to medium-sized businesses and nonprofits. Also, we bring big-brand experience and expertise without big-agency overhead. We guide brand evolutions of any size and turn emotional insights into a competitive advantage.

Fairfield, CT, November 19, 2017 – Voice Express Corp. introduced Voice Express Connect; the first self-playing print brochure with built-in speech recognition.

Voice Express has been at the forefront of providing self-playing media products in the toy, packaging, display and marketing spaces.  For direct-mail and trade magazine publishers, Voice Express has produced printed audio and video brochures which enabled brands to deliver self-playing audio and video to targeted audiences such as Doctors and Financial advisers.  With Voice Express Connect, such printed cards will not only play media when they are opened but will also “listen” for spoken prompts and play media personalized to the interests and needs of the recipient.

Unlike audio and video cards of the past, the media contained on these brochures is not limited by a finite number of PLAY buttons or mediated by a cumbersome interface using Fast-Forward or Next to navigate. Voice Express Connect can store and play-back a limitless amount of media covering diverse subjects and addressing a multiplicity of interests. The only tool necessary to access relevant content is the user’s own voice.

“Amazon Alexa and Google Home have forever changed user expectations and are found in more and more homes because of the way they engage consumers. Now Voice Express Connect will become the optimal way for brands to engage high-value prospects and re-connect with existing customers.” said Geoffrey Stern, CEO and Founder of Voice Express.  “Speech is the most direct form of communication and the most natural interface.  With Voice Express Connect, brands will be able to deliver their media message and at the same time listen to users and provide information personalized to their interests.”

Voice Express Connect™ is perfect for brands wishing to engage with upper management and other high value prospects that are hard to reach through traditional media, e-mail, social media or text.

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Fairfield, CT, November 17, 2017 – Voice Express Corp. is excited to note that the US patent office has published our application for Multimedia Keepsake System and Method.  Filed in 2014, we realized very early on that gift-givers and music lovers now have access to an infinite supply of their own and their friends User Generated Content (UGC) which can be used to create personalized gifts and gift accessories. We call this Voice Gifting™.

Geoffrey Stern, Founder and CEO noted “We were always told that it’s not the gift, it’s the intent that matters. Modern e-commerce and mobile-commerce has made gift-giving so much easier, but now for the first time, gift givers will be able to incorporate the songs they love, the music they’ve created and media content they have shared or “liked” into their gifts to express their true emotions and capture the moment.”

Imagine a Bouquet of flowers, or a box of gourmet chocolates delivered with an electronic keepsake that plays the music of your first dance along with your personal voice dedication! Whether a consumer purchases a gift using their PC, their smartphone or a voice Assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, now all you need is a voice to make your gift uniquely special and meaningful.

According to the patent application,

… modern online social media technology and platforms make it possible for a keepsake giver to easily access content for the multimedia keepsake that has been shared by or collaboratively created with friends or amateur artists wishing to share their creative content. Users of social media platforms post and share high volumes of user generated content (UGC) some of which is simply content such as music, images or video which the user curates or combines in a creative manner.  It is an object of the present invention to provide a multimedia keepsake creation system which offers a keepsake giver the ability to incorporate content from social media platforms and other sources into the content of the keepsake.

As we move forward in turning this concept into a reality we invite prospective shopping platform partners and content providers to collaborate and help us forever change the way gifts and merchandise are exchanged.