Sourcing Network

We have developed a network of technology partners and long-term relationships with offshore manufacturing facilities. This network of chip foundries, component vendors and offshore contract manufacturers constitute an integral part of our value proposition and, along with our intellectual property, insure our leadership role as a solutions provider in our industry.

Our Intellectual Property

Voice Express® intellectual property includes many proprietary technology solutions, pending patent applications and four issued US Patents with 27 method, system and hardware claims dating back to 1993.

Voice Express® recordable units use patented ChipCorder® technology to record the natural analogs of human speech without digital synthesis. To learn more about our range of products technologies, visit the self-playing media page.

Voice-Express Patents

US Patents 5,425,078 5,490,206 5,570,414 6,356,626 and patents pending. Canadian Patent 2,167,576 and Japanese Patent 2919074. Voice Express® and Voice-Over® are registered trademarks and Voice Wrap™, Voice Maker™, Voice Plus™, and Pillow Talk™ are trademarks of Voice Express Corporation, all rights reserved.