Emotional marketing is an effective way to promote your Amazon listing, enhance your brand message, and increase sales through your Amazon storefront. By appealing to deeply-held feelings, this marketing technique creates a powerful connection that causes consumers to notice, remember, share, and buy a company’s products. With over 300 million customers in 180 countries, including 195 million unique visitors in the United States alone, selling on Amazon is a tremendous opportunity for all types of brands.

During the holiday shopping season, the combination of gift giving and emotional marketing can be especially profitable. Yet, the value that emotional connection marketing offers is available all year round. Voice Express, the leader in interactive print media, ranks number one on Google for “voice recorders for dolls” thanks to our Amazon storefront. In the spirit of holiday giving, we’d like to share some emotional marketing best practices so that you can optimize your own Amazon listing.

Quilts, Pillows, Plush Toys, and Baby Dolls

When you visit our Amazon store, you’ll notice three products on the left-side of the page. Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. uses the first product, the Voice Express Voice Recorder for Plush, for its talking teddy bears and other stuffed animals. What grabs and holds your attention, however, are the images of quilts, pillows, plush toys, and baby dolls. Maybe you remember grandma’s sewing or a cherished moment with a parent. Images of smiling children also convey warmth and bliss. As you see the applications for our products, it’s the emotions – not the electronics – that engage you. Yet if you want to know more, this video can help.

Picture Frames, Books, and Scrapbooks

Another Voice Express solution, our Voice-Over® Voice Recorder for Frames, can be used to add voice to any ordinary item. Still, there’s nothing unremarkable about the picture frames, books, and scrapbooks shown in our Amazon store. After all, the frames that hold family pictures often contain some of our fondest memories. Scrapbooks, of course, are also deeply personal. Even best-selling books that are mass-produced can be personalized with a voice-recorder accessory. This is shown by a smiling reader with a soft cushion, favorite beverage, and gentle sunlight.

Wine, Gifts, and Flowers

Emotional marketing can also connect a company’s products to life’s memorable experiences. That’s why our VoiceGift® Tag shows wine, gifts, and flowers – items given for birthdays, special days like Mother’s Day, or whenever congratulations are in order. The images in our Amazon store could emphasize product features like acid-free paper. Instead, they evoke celebrations, romance, friendship, and family time. These things stay with us and, thanks to video, tell a story to gift-givers.

Wrapping It Up (Without Ribbons and Bows)

Voice Express wishes you the happiest of holiday seasons and invites you to enjoy our most recent articles about voice-enabled technologies.

If you’re looking for an innovative approach to marketing in the New Year, consider Voice Express Connect™ – the future of direct mail.

What’s Next?

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