Self-Playing Media Is No Longer A Bottleneck

There was a time, not long ago that ordering self-playing media (e.g a talking greeting card or custom music gift box) meant long lead-times and high-volume minimum order quantities. With products now being ordered and marketing campaigns launched at the click of a button, the pressure is on the fulfillment process to get these products and campaigns out the door – fast. Today, rather than create a potential bottleneck, the use of self-playing media can actually streamline many transactions.

What SPM Offers The Fulfillment Process

Unlike printing, embossing, engraving or long-handing a personally written card, self-playing media has the potential to radically enhance a transaction with cutting-edge customization technology without actually changing or adding to the physical make-up of the product. Programming is all that is needed to create a one-of-a-kind self-playing media product.

In many cases the electronic components can be pre-programmed with generic media content while defined portions of the media are programmed with content specifically associated with the intended recipient. Such custom programming-fulfillment can be done in the factory, at the printer, mail center, in-store and even at-home – all depending on the requirements of the application.

Today’s Fulfillment Technologies

The self-playing media fulfillment process has undergone radical improvements in recent years. Today, we have technologies that permit the manufacture or bulk-programming of a wide range of media chips utilizing proprietary processes that permit on-demand programming on the conveyor belt with standard conversion equipment.

Wireless near-field communication technology permits, for the first time, the on-demand programming of audio and video content into our self-playing media products without the delay and expense of re-routing and handling. Products containing our component electronics can be automatically scanned, the appropriate media content retrieved and then wirelessly programmed onto the product.

Fulfillment Options

Our objective is to design a fulfillment technology that meets the needs of the product and the customer. Our technologies allow us to offer products with a minimal amount of labor and delay which can actually increase the throughput and quicken the delivery times of products that are designed to deliver a message. To learn more, see an example of the self-playing media fulfillment process in action play the video »

In-Store Fulfillment

Customers want their merchandise sooner and retailers understand the benefit of bringing a consumer into their store. In the early days of retail, value-added customization such as monogramming, engraving, and gift wrapping were offered as a promotion and to build loyalty and traffic.

Today, many of these back-room customizations have lost their luster and require precious time and labor.

Many gifts and mementos can now be programmed directly with a customer’s voice, licensed music, or content associated with a personal iTunes or social media account.

Self-playing media attached to a product and available for pick-up at a local retailer provides a powerful incentive to purchase from that retailer.

Supply-Chain Integration

We have over 15 years of relationships with off-shore factories and component suppliers, including integrated circuit fabricators that allow us to get allocations of components and production time with minimal delay. We are able to order products with the fastest lead times in the industry, drop-shipped directly to our customers worldwide.

Our factories are regularly involved with printing and applying our customer’s package markings per their requirements. Our factories produce products in compliance with RoHS laws as well as fair-labor and environmental guidelines by organizations such as ICTI, with regular product testing by organizations such as Intertek.

We are able to track our orders for customers as well as take care of all of the shipping, insurance and clearing of goods.

In-Home / Self-Fulfillment

We’ve developed a simple, patent pending processes whereby a user can purchase or pick up a programmable product and program the product using a smartphone, either wirelessly or through a simple connection to the headphone jack.

High-Volume Fulfillment

For orders of over 1,000 of the same media content and 5,000+ for printed material, we offer low-cost offshore one-time programmable and Mask ROM integrated circuits as well as off-set printing services.

How Voice Express Can Help

Most of our customers prefer to focus on their core business, rather than involving themselves with the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of manufacturing and importing goods directly from the Far East. Voice Express prides itself in providing cutting-edge and innovative products while also using our 15+ years of experience and relationships in dealing with supply-chain efficiencies of production and shipment of electronics from the Far East to provide door-to-door service to our customers.

If you’re interested in self-playing media and want a supplier who can provide a turnkey solution to meet your needs, let’s talk.

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