Project Summary

Product packaging and first impressions are important. For brands like Intel whose, integrated circuits are unseen by the end-user, captivating attention and forming a good impression at points of interaction are especially important.

Intel contacted us and asked if we could help develop a package for a new product that would deliver their iconic “bong” sound. We were thrilled at the idea, instantly recognizing the inherent potential to add tremendous “first-impression” value to their marketing and branding efforts.

The results of this launch were so encouraging that Intel is exploring more ways to animate packaging, sales collateral, and instruction manuals with branding audio.

Reaction & Reception

Feedback on the audio packaging from the targeted user groups, represented by the “unboxing” community was overwhelmingly positive if not outright delighted.

Below are a few examples of unboxers from around the world commenting on the audio packaging. Note the unscripted reaction of the first video in particular.

And, in-print around the Web, comments like this:

Interestingly enough, it wasn’t the NUC’s size that we first noticed during our unboxing. No, it was something far more subtle, yet oddly appealing. We typically don’t cover packaging in our reviews (unless it sucks so bad that it warrants coverage) because, quite frankly, it’s boring. So why the quick exception in this case? Intel forced our hand by hiding a light-controlled sound module in the retail packaging. When you slide the container out of the box, Intel’s familiar jingle plays loud and clear. It seems silly, but it catches you completely by surprise, putting you into an Intel frame of mind. Well played, chipzilla. Source:

After tearing the shrinkwrap from the box in a state of fevered anticipation, we were astonished to hear, as we slid the two parts of the box apart, the familiar Intel Inside jingle ring out: “bing-bong-bing-bong”. It’s marketing gone completely mad, but still – it gave us a bit of a laugh. Source:

Challenges Overcome

The greatest challenge was time. We were contacted two months before the launch. For the most part, their packaging had already been designed and quoted. Production was about to begin. We initially suggested they utilize a magnetic switch hidden in the tray because of its minimally invasive nature and ease-of-application with its current packaging.

We were able to provide a sample of the magnetic switch overnight and get it to the marketing and roll-out teams for their review. In the meantime, we contacted two factories that we work with. Because of the potential volumes, we felt it was important that there be at least two independent sources of supply in the supply chain.

As the process progressed, Intel decided that it was worthwhile to change their packaging, so that we could use a lower-cost light switch instead of a magnet switch. We had our factories in China work directly with RR Donnelley Asia; their packaging factory, to make sure that the process went as quickly, as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible.

This is something that only we could do because we’ve been working in this field for over 15 years. We were successful in giving them a solution and executing the solution in time for the first shipment of this first product.