The Next Big Thing

The last major innovation to direct mail was on-demand printing which enabled brands to personalize their message by farming data and addressing, by name, the intended recipient in the copy of the message. New innovations in text-to-speech synthesis and voice concatenation combined with our patent pending wireless audio chip programming platform permit, for the first time, brands to customize a self-playing media (SPM) audio message embedded in a direct mail piece or product package.  Imagine, receiving a printed piece in the mail, that when opened has a recognized voice speak to you by name, mentioning your company or location and the particular product or service under discussion. Such a personalized voice will grab your attention and get full consideration when asking for your continued support by way of an upgrade, renewal or trial of a new offer.

Imagine pitching a self-playing media direct mail campaign at a sales meeting. The meeting starts with each participant receiving an envelope with their name printed on it.  Inside the envelope is an insert that addresses each participant by name…. in real living audio!

This audio personalization technology has momentous  potential and is positioned to become the next major innovation in direct mail.

Direct Mail Inserts

One of the material benefits of using self-playing media (SPM) is how it naturally drives replays and sharing.  The urge to push the button or open the card one more time is almost universal. SPM is a media that triggers multiple impressions and longevity.  Many successful uses of SPM include the ability to detach the SPM from its host which makes an SPM campaign particularly compelling for magazine and product inserts, outserts, polybaging, bellybands, and sampling business-return mail surveys.

Why Self-Playing Media Has Impact

Our senses serve as triggers to previous experiences and emotional responses. Properly used, the right selection of music, sound effect, voice, spoken content and/or graphic or moving image can condition a response or create a receptivity to a message that is primal. Think of a song which conjures up the palpable memory of a season, first date or situation.

If content is being delivered, many of us absorb more and respond better to the spoken word than text. That’s why we pick up the phone and call someone or schedule a face-to-face meeting.  Voice and video can convey humor, passion, enthusiasm, emotion and emphasis in a way that simple text cannot. With the growing impact of talking heads and celebrity, a well known voice or video can move an audience more than a string of text framed in quotation marks.

Easy To Work With and Quantify

Self-playing media collateral is virtually identical to standard print collateral which means that marketing programs testing SPM can be offered in parallel, with a control group of print-only collateral to quantify the higher conversion rates achieved by SPM.

How Voice Express Can Help

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