The goal of loyalty programming, whether it be consumer, corporate or sales-force motivation is to create a relationship that transcends the mere transfer of goods or services and motivates the recipient to continue and even increase an activity.

More Choices Than Ever

The most significant trend in loyalty and rewards programming has been the additional flexibility and choice of awards. Stored-Value Gift Cards represent the best example of the radical convenience and infinite choice now available in gift-giving in general and rewards programming in particular. In many cases, there is no need for a physical card to store the rewards; the user finds her points in a monthly electronic statement.

But There’s Something Missing

What all this added convenience lacks is the personal touch of the brand, the gift giver, the employer or corporate team.  While permitting the recipient to choose their own award is definitely more efficient then having the gift-giver make that choice, this added convenience threatens to further distance the gift giver from the recipient … “you didn’t even take the time or effort to choose my gift.”

Loyalty & Rewards With Self-Playing Media

Self-playing media offers the opportunity to do something all too rare and use advances in technology to reintroduce the human touch. The self-playing voice of the gift-giver offers warmth and increases the emotional connection created when goods and services are exchanged. The motivational impact of self-playing media could not be more effective and called-for than in today’s world of e-commerce and virtual awards when neither the sender or receiver may ever touch an object that becomes an analog for the compliment the award was meant to deliver.

Self-playing media is the perfect carrier to deliver a gift reward  Whether the SPM includes a personal audio or video message, or uses a form of Text-to-Speech or voice concatenation, the inclusion of a personal message delivered with an award can make the difference between a token exchange of goods to an inspirational moment.

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