Incorporating Self-Playing Media Into Promotional Products

The day when a buzzer or flashing LED from a card or button would draw attention to a brand has long passed. A simple sound effect and light flashing from an inexpensive give-away has the unintended consequence of diminishing a brand’s value.

At Voice-Express, we cater to customers who want to use self-playing media to grab attention while also delivering a message and engaging the prospective customer. We do this by taking advantage of cutting edge media technology while also leveraging one or more of the following potential aspects of self-playing media promotional products:

1. Personalization

Nothing grabs attention and engages a prospect like recognition. If a promotion can call a prospect by name, or at a minimum make reference to the location ( show), name of the company contact, or reference the product/service in which there is an interest… you’ve got her!

When a promotion acknowledges the prospect, it sends a message that transcends the specifics of the brand or product offering. It delivers the message that this brand, this team, this service-provider values communication and feedback and, most of all, the customer.

2. Content

With the lowering cost of flash memory, and with customized programming available to control playback sequence, it is now possible to provide promotions that can deliver a nearly limitless amount of media content.

Attendees at trade shows, conventions, and meetings have minimal time to connect with any given vendor or sales representative. Content-rich self-playing media provides a way to deliver important content after the initial contact is made.  Since travel to and from a meeting destination often includes down-time, self playing media provides an excellent opportunity to connect with a prospect and deliver content before or after a meeting, on the way to the airport, while waiting for luggage or a ride home, even when (or especially) when access to and distraction from other communication devices are not possible.

3. Content-delivery

The holy grail of promotional advertising is to entice a recipient to take the next step. Branded memory sticks and web keys represent a well-intentioned attempt to get a user to bridge the large gap between receiving a promotion in-hand and making the jump to go on-line.

QR Codes and JAGTAGs provide similar bridging technologies using only print and the added mobility and easy access of a smart phone.  A new bridging technology that can be integrated into a promotion is near field communication or NFC. While we can integrate all of these bridging technologies into promotional products, we recognize that they all require a user to make the first step, which as small as it may be, might be one bridge too far.

The optimal solution is Self-Playing Media; a self-fulfilling solution that delivers a self-contained message and may even be used in conjunction with a zero-cost bridging component such as a QR Code.

4. Utility

Incorporating utility into a promotional recordable product allows you to deliver brand-building and product-related content that can be replaced by the user with their own content and shared with colleagues and friends. This built-in utility provides the prospective customer with a promotion that they value.

Utilitarian promotional products also increase the value of the brand by linking it with the exchange of content and social media. The brand is linked with multiple impressions and positioned as a third-party sponsor of “bringing people together”.

5. Cost

Self-playing media is surprisingly inexpensive when compared to the cost of a memory stick or web key which lack the instant gratification of a SPM product. The additional cost of adding self-playing media to any promotion is offset by its efficacy in message delivery, impact and multiple impressions.  As Marshall McLuhan famously noted “The medium is the message.” SPM embeds itself in the message, creating a powerful relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived. At the end of the day, the essence of SPM is to deliver your message and that…  it does.

Examples of Promotional Products

Audio Button

When Staples, Inc put it’s jingle “That Was Easy” into a self-playing button they may have thought that they were just creating a temporary promotion but their talking button was so compelling that they now merchandise the button. You know you have a winning promotion when consumers are willing to pay for it!

Now anyone can animate a jingle, slogan or message with a branded audio button. We’ve designed this button so that it can be silk-screened, stamped or just plain labeled with a logo, message of even photo-sticker. The Audio button is available with a pre-recorded message or with a built-in microphone. Using our one-off programming technologies we can even provide this unit with a plug so that the buttons can be flash programmed with individual audio personalization farmed from a database.

Name Tags

It is common at trade-shows for each attendee to wear a scannable name tag which includes an array of personal data. Voice Express has designs for a number of promotional products which can play generic audio promoting a brand or product, but can also be spot-programmed with variable data relating to an individual attendee. Programming can be done via a computer but also using a smart phone app available to all exhibiting personnel.

How Voice Express Can Help

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