First Impressions Matter

A buyer’s first exposure, the first interaction, the first experience of a product is, in most cases, either when the package is viewed on a shelf before purchase or when the package is opened. That first experience is an opportunity to communicate directly with a customer at an instant where he or she is most impressionable.

Self-Playing Media Is A Master At First Impression

Self-playing media enables brands to communicate directly with a customer at the moment (or even before) a package is opened. Here are just a few applications:

  • Brand Identification – An audio cue for the brand is played when the package is opened.
  • Personal Greetings – A custom message is played from the sender as the package is opened.
  • Mood Music – Context appropriate music is played when the package is opened.
  • Product Sampling – Audio samples of a product are built into the packaging, allowing sampling before purchase.
  • Setup Instructions – Audio or video instructions are implemented to guide each of the steps in the setup process.
  • Warning Messages – A warning message is triggered to convey important product safety information.

Examples of Self-Playing Media in Specialty Packaging

Intel product box

Intel’s Audio Packaging

We worked with Intel to incorporate their iconic audio jingle into specialty packaging for a new line of products. The jingle is triggered by a light sensor, activated when the packaged is opened. The result? Product reviewers in the industry took notice and expressed a range of excitement and highly positive feedback. In addition to obvious first impression benefits gained, the project also produced a less-obvious amount of good-will and free publicity as influential “unboxers” drew attention to and highlighted the packaging.

View video examples and read the case study.

FTD First Impressions

We have worked with FTD to enable gift givers to express themselves with the FTD SAY IT YOUR WAY™ recordable bouquet and the Walking on Sunshine “Singing” Bouquet. We have also provided with self-playing overnight packaging.  Direct from the grower, overnight flowers may be fresher than store-bought flowers, but they can arrive looking sleepy and thirsty and might need a little care and a few minutes to wake up and bloom.  Our light sensitive audio player insures that when the overnight shipping container is opened that seasonable or occasion specific music plays immediately to provide context, add emotion and insure that the first impression is positive.

Fulfillment Challenges Become Opportunities

One of the challenges we’ve seen in specialty packaging, particular within the media industry (DVDs and CDs), has been limited lead time. A short lead time presents a number of challenges that have historically rendered traditional self-playing media impractical. New advances in NFC technology have changed all that. Now, a simple wireless-enabled audio chip can be pre-embedded into media packaging and then programmed on-demand using wireless technology. This advance in technology solves a long-standing challenge and opens up a wide range of new opportunities in packaging.

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