At Voice Express we wax eloquent about our core innovation; self playing media.  But like the song says … “If you’re gonna play the game, ya gotta learn to play it right. You got to know when to hold ’em”.  We come to each project with a robust tool box and offer our clients the best mix of available technologies to insure that their message gets delivered.  In addition to SPM, we offer an array of alternative and complimentary engagement technologies, some of which are described here.

Memory Sticks

Memory sticks and flash drives contain media which can be accessed when they are inserted into a usb port.

They come in all custom shapes and forms and can even be integrated into direct mail and marketing collateral.

Web Keys

A web key is a USB device that immediately opens up a specific web page. These devices can be programmed to log the user in on a first visit and capture contact information and preferences so that on subsequent visits, the user is offered updated content tailored to individual preferences.


NFC (or Near Field Communication) is a new mobile marketing tool. Unlike using QR codes, the user does not need to download or even load an app to read. Just tap the NFC with an NFC-enabled mobile phone and the content loads up automatically. Currently NFC chips work on Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry phones with NFC. To-date, Apple has rejected NFC for the mobile wallet (introducing a unique new fingerprint sensor, the Touch ID as an alternative) and has introduced  AirDrop file-sharing technology (using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but not NFC) in iOS 7.

QR Codes

QR Code

QR codes have become common in consumer advertising. Smartphone users can install an app with a QR-code scanner that can read a displayed code and convert it to a URL.

The smartphone’s browser is then directed to the url landing on a website of a company, store, or product associated with that code providing specific information.


JAGTAG codes are similar to QR-Codes except that they do not require the user to download any specific software or have a particular smart phone.

The user needs only to take a picture of the JAGTAG and send it as a text message to the number provided and will immediately receive the associated multimedia (video, audio, pictures, text).

Voice Concatenation

Voice concatenation uses recorded voice but mixes (concatenates) custom audio (e.g. the recipients name) within a generic message. This approach enables organizations to reach every customer personally with voice messages targeted specifically to each recipient. Each message is unique! Combining content specific to the listener and their passions, with the voice of a known personality (celebrity or senior executive) gains attention, builds instant credibility and drives the consumer to action. Voice Express is able to flash program concatenated audio created by providers such as Personicom onto its self-playing audio and video media.


Text-To-Speech (TTS) is the artificial production of human speech using a speech synthesizer which converts normal language text into speech. Recently, there have been advances in TTS that have begun to overcome its historic weakness of word-choice, context, inflection and pronunciation. In fact, this area is so important for consumer electronic products of the future that Apple uses Nuance TTS to enable its Siri app and Amazon has purchased Ivona to power its book reading app on the Kindle.

Want to hear TTS in action? Listen to a portion of the paragraph above via Ivona or experiment with a demonstration on NeoSpeech. Voice Express is constantly reviewing TTS engines, looking forward to the day that TTS can accurately express emotion. Vivotext is a company that we are working with in this regard and with regard to voice cloning.