The Old Days Are Gone

There was a time when doctors were not judged by how many patients they saw per hour and where pharmaceutical reps had the luxury of detailing a doctor with regard to a chosen medication. Those days are long gone. Whether it be because of the time constraints on the medical profession or the regulatory constraints on pharmaceutical reps, providing a mini detail is, more often than not, no longer an option.

How Self-Playing Media Can Help

Self-playing media provides a natural and compelling alternative for pharmaceutical companies to provide detailed information about their product offerings to healthcare providers. Whether delivered by hand, in the mail, or as a magazine insert, a simple card containing a self-playing audio message, or even a video screen has been proven to yield quantifiable results.

These cards include compelling copy, as well as multiple audio files that are organized by subjects such as dosage, side effects and symptoms. Healthcare providers are able to quickly navigate between the information provided in print and additional information provided via self-playing media.

Examples of Self-Playing Media In Pharma

How Voice Express Can Help

Voice Express has over 10 years of experience working with the pharmaceutical industry and we have the distinction of being the original developer of the Audio Detail™ (a trade name of Advanstar Communications Inc). Working with leading health care marketing partners such as ipathmedia,  we have been providing innovative solutions for pharma campaigns whose goal is to communicate as directly as possible with healthcare providers. If you are interested in creating a campaign that speaks for itself, let’s talk!

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