Project Description

Voice Express has developed recordable and musical stored value gift card carriers for premier retailers.  Retailers including Lands End, Bob’s Stores, Parisian, American Eagle and Dicks Sporting Goods offered their gift cards in a card or carrier that permited the user to personalize their gift with a personal message and/or music.

American Express Incentive Services (AEIS), an incentive industry leader, unveiled KUDOkits at the 2003 Motivation Show.  The KUDOkit was a tool to add impact and a personal touch to the presentation of a reward card. The kit provided reward givers with audio card carriers that allow them to record a personal message to recipients, who literally hear the giver “thanking out loud” when receiving the reward.

“Rewards and recognition are powerful and effective motivators,” said Darryl Hutson, American Express Incentive Services CEO. “By introducing the KUDOkit we hope to make it easier for businesses to incorporate rewards and recognition into their culture, and ultimately help them motivate their people to drive business results.”  MarketWire, September, 2003

Amex incentive Services provided the KUDOkit (wrote Incentive Magazine) as a do- it-yourself recognition tool. The heart of the kit was an American Express gift card packaged in a yellow case with a built-in voice recording chip, designed to make it easy for managers to add a personalized “thank you” or “congratulations” that the recipient — and others — can hear out loud. The message is easy to record and allows the sender to try several times if necessary. The KUDOkit came with 10 plastic , which could be loaded with a gift card and a message on short notice.