Project Description

We’ve been working on re-inventing the children’s audio book for a while, but now that Hallmark has popularized their Recordable Storybooks we feel like we’ve arrived.  We are launching our Voice-Clip™ line of audio recorders that are designed to clip on to any book so that mom, dad, grandma and grandpa can read their kids the books that they enjoyed when they grew up.  Our audio players will be available at retail and also for digital printers to integrate into personalized children’s books. Soon there won’t be any excuse for a child to go to bed without a bedtime story.

Here are some samples of the products we are developing including what looks like a traditional children’s audio book (pictured) which has professionally recorded audio, including voice talent for each character, background music and sound effects… except the purchaser can go online and select their child’s name… maybe some personal details (age, hair color, pet’s name, favorite team etc) and download it into the book… so that when the child hears the story… it is totally about them!