Project Description

We’re big believers in the magic of combining digital audio with digital print. It used to be, that when you came back from a vacation or when the family gathered together, the shoe-box or Kodak Carousel would come out and as each picture was showcased, the host and participants would  provide detailed and colorful narration and comments. Today, with the help of one-off digital printing our memories are preserved in photo-books that belong on the coffee table.  But there’s no reason that our comments need be left behind.

Voice Express and its partner; Ekko Technologies is developing a line of Voice-Clip™ audio playback accessories for the print and after-market which permit users to capture the sounds and voices behind the print and play them as they share their images.

Pictured is a high quality digitally printed wedding album with an extra electronic – touch sensitive panel added to the back of the book.  Since most weddings include professionally taken video in addition to still photography, it was easy to extract the audio from the wedding video.  On each page that there is an audio file associated with the spread, we placed a graphic of a simple white button.  When the user presses down on the graphic button, the pressure is transferred to the audio panel.. and magic.. the audio plays.