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Johnson & Johnson Prototype

Voice Express regularly works with the packaging industry and health-care companies to explore the possibility of talking compliance packaging. Shown here is a contact lense- dispensing package that reminds the user to change their contact lenses with an audio message.

Advanstar Medical Economics introduces Audio-Detail™

PUSH THE BUTTON – Advanstar Medical Economics used audio to sell audio with this 8.5 x 11 two-side printed postcard.  The piece played three separate audio files, the first grabbing the listener’s attention and the following two, further engaging the listener … PUSH THE BUTTON to hear more.


Audio Card for Pharma – ORACEA®

This Button Detail Audio Card produced with our partner i-Path Media for ORACEA® for the treatment of Rosacea, 4-Panel, 4-color Glossy Card with Envelope and includes a Die Cut Pocket for B&W PI.  This card used a slide-switch mechanism with the printed card scored with a Step-Fold, which is perfect for saturated color.  An alternative method is a Tent-Fold (Cut-Fold) where only the area over the slide-switch is designed to pop-up. While a slide-switch is designed to play only […]

Video Detail Card

Video Detail Cards are the new way for a medical sales rep and pharma provider to meet and educate healthcare providers – without having to be there!  Available with 2.4″, 3.5″, 4.3″, 7″ LCD screens, these video cards can play up to 15 minutes of content.  Video can be triggered upon the opening of the card (using a magnetic switch) and/or with multiple buttons, labeled to play specific video content. […]

Audio Button Card

This Button Detail Audio Card produced with our partner i-Path Media for SIMPONI® for the treatment of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The audio card describes the benefit of the SIMPONI ONE program. The card is constructed of 4-Panels, 4-color Glossy Card and includes a Die Cut Pocket for B&W PI. This card uses push buttons (dome switches) to play two audio files on-demand.

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