How The Project Began

Since 2005, Voice Express has been providing printed brochures and mailers that play audio for health care providers. Our audio mailers enjoyed 18-31% Response Rates and up to 92% Positive Sponsor & Brand Recall.

With those kinds of metrics, our clients in Pharma, Financial Services, and Insurance wanted to exploit full living color video to increase the impact and response of their marketing to high-value clients.  This demand converged with the explosive growth of consumer electronic devices using small screens to play video leading to a critical drop in the cost of LCD displays and video chipsets.

What We Provided

Using our long-term relationships with both factories and chip suppliers we were able to set up the supply chain necessary to provide self-playing video cards that had the level of high-quality display/playback and high quality offset printing that our clients demand.  Quick turn-around and the ability to insert collateral material such as PIs into the sleeve were also critical.

Finally, we were able to utilize vertically integrated sales partners such as i-Path Media in the Pharma space, to ensure that video card campaigns were offered when appropriate and that campaigns were managed with the utmost care – from start to finish.

Explore Examples

Interested in seeing some of the examples? Explore video cards in our portfolio.